Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big update

This is a big update to my graphic demo. I finished implementing a sun shader, which includes HDR, bloom, and God ray. Please follow this link to watch it in HD:

Sun Shader

I also finish implementing Depth of field (or DOF). Here is a picture:

The lower right rectangle shows the depth test for the scene. I'll write about this two effects in details next blog. Take care for now.


  1. Hi Thang,

    Great work, it really is amazing, I'm Amer Sayyed, I work at a company speciialized in entertainment and computer graphics, would mind sharing your work with us? I could use it for our upcoming solar system simulation.

  2. Wow! The sun effect is really cool.

  3. @Amer:

    Yeah I'm more than happy to do so. So sorry for the late reply, I didn't think there will be any comments on my stuff. If you still visit this blog please send me an e-mail at